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Directions from Cape Town
From Cape Town, take the N7 turn-off on the N1 and, 28 km after Citrusdal, turn right at the Algeria/Cederberg sign. Continue past Algeria and over the Uitkyk Pass (second pass) – about 46 km of gravel road – until you reach Dwarsrivier, home of Cederberg Wines. Total distance from Cape Town: ±250 km; ±3 hours’ drive.


Cederberg  Private Cellar Reception 19º15’28”E  32º30’12”S
Sanddrif  Holiday Resort Reception 19º15’27”E  32º30’14”S

Office hours:
Monday to Saturday:
Sundays & public holidays:
08:00–12:30 & 14:00–17:00
09:00–12:00 & 16:00–18:00
Tasting hours:
Monday to Saturday:
Sundays, Good Friday & Christmas Day:
09:00–12:00 & 14:00–16:00
Not open for tasting




After three hours’ relaxed driving, ±250 km from Cape Town International airport, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Cederberg.  Tucked away on the lush banks of the Dwars River at the foot of the Wolfberg, lies Sanddrif, Cederberg Private Cellar’s holiday resort.  In the late 1950s, the Nieuwoudt family started renovating existing farm buildings for hikers and rock climbers looking for a place to overnight on arriving in the mountains the night before their expedition started – this was long before the days when hiking and rock climbing became popular.

Sanddrif is the ideal base for nature  lovers and the adventurous: trail hikers, mountain  bikers and rock climbers. It is accessible but retains an air of remoteness, which makes it the perfect break-away for city dwellers. There’s a lot to do and enjoy: four well-known day hikes, bird watching, swimming, rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, a unique observatory and rock art. The less fit can enjoy the cool crystal-clear waters of the Maalgat pools only a 35 minute walk away, wander through the Valley of the Red Gods, watch the  sun set the mountains on fire and later admire the star-studded sky from around the campfire.

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Sanddrif holiday resort offers a wide choice of accommodation, from more than 30 well-run camping facilities with a safe playground for children, to 16 cosy and  fully equipped self-catering chalets or cottages with breathtaking views of the famous Wolfberg Cracks. The Dwarsrivier farm shop stocks basic requirements only. The friendly staff at our office will supply you with all the information, permits and keys you need to explore the area. Visitors are advised to book well in advance as the resort fills up rather quickly during weekends and school holidays. Due to the strict Conservancy rules we can only allow a certain number of day visitors and hikers.

No pets or quad bikes allowed

– No noise after 22:00
– Deposit required within 14 calendar days of making your booking
– Arrival time: 14:00
– Departure time: 11:00


Postal address:
Call to avoid disappointment
+27 27 482 2825
086 509 1683
PO Box 84, Clanwilliam 8135,  South Africa


Monday to Saturday:
Sundays & public holidays:
08:00–12:30 & 14:00–17:00
09:00–12:00 & 16:00–18:00


3 star rating from the
South African Tourism Grading Councel

– All cottages are self-catering.
– No restaurant on premises.
– Kitchens are equipped with a small electric stove, microwave, fridge with freezer, kettle and toaster.
– All cottages have a fireplace inside and a braai area outside.
– Bedding (bed linen, blankets, duvets), towels and kitchen towels are provided.
– Cottages are serviced daily.
– The water is safe to drink.

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– Under shady trees on the riverbank, with electricity at every campsite.
– Braai facilities (bring your own grid).
– Two ablution facilities with hot showers – toilet paper is not included.

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– PDF: Sanddrif rates 1 Mar 2015  –  29 Feb 2016 – PDF: Sanddrif rates 1 Mar 2016 – 28 Feb 2017
– Deposit required within 14 calendar days of making your booking.
– Deposit (less R25 admin fee) only refundable if booking is cancelled two weeks in advance.
– Deposits for the holiday season, long weekends and group bookings (3 or more units) will only be refunded once the vacancy has been filled.



– The Dwarsrivier farm shop sells wood, Cederberg wines, ice and snacks, but unfortunately no fresh products (bread, fresh milk, fruit and vegetables).


– Prices for activities valid 1 September 2014 – 31 August 2015


Duration: 30 minutes to an hour – depending on how much you like our wines …
Cost: R20 per person
Tasting hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 –12:00 & 14:00–16:00
Sundays, Good Friday & Christmas Day: Not open for tasting
Note: – No cellar tours
– Group and special tastings by arrangement


In the early 1980s a British astronomer named Peter Mack, who was working for the SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory), visited the Cederberg and saw its potential as a base for an amateur observatory. He obtained the use of a piece of land on the farm Dwarsrivier, courtesy of the then owner, Oom Pollie Nieuwoudt. The first piers for the telescopes were built in 1984. A storeroom and a dome for a 16″ telescope were constructed early in 1986 and the site was used for observations of Halley’s comet later that year.

In 1988 Peter Mack created a partnership with five amateur astronomers from Cape Town and a constitution was drawn up, officially establishing the Cederberg Observatory. An accommodation block with cooking facilities was completed in 1989 and subsequent work at the site has seen the erection of an ablution block, a storeroom, a second dormitory for the Observatory’s own use and a roll-off roof structure to house a 16″ telescope. As a final luxury, Eskom provided power in the mid-1990s, rendering redundant the old solar panels, batteries and a rather noisy generator.

Duration: Approximately two hours, starting at 20:00
Cost: Donation
Enquiries: Sanddrif holiday resort, or Malcolm: (Afrikaans)
Chris: (English), or
visit the website:
Note: – Saturday evenings only
– Weather permitting
– No shows during full moon


This vast wilderness area, covering almost 172 000 ha, offers hiking routes for people of all fitness levels. Spectacular rock formations – including the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Cracks, Wolfberg Arch, Tafelberg, Sneeuberg and Lot’s Wife – attract mountaineers and hikers alike. Unspoilt fynbos and a wide range of wildlife make this a must-see area for all nature lovers.

Hiking permits
– Permits for hikes can only be obtained during office hours. Should you wish to start early, a permit can be booked telephonically.
– If you overnight at Sanddrif resort, take note that permits for the Wolfberg Cracks and Wolfberg Arch are not included in your fee and have to be obtained BEFORE you go hiking. The permits for Maalgat and Lot’s Wife hikes are part of your overnight fee.
– When the resort is fully booked, permits for Maalgat will not be issued.
– To qualify for Wild card discounts, Wild cards need to be presented for CapeNature permits.
– NO overnight hiking permits are issued by Dwarsrivier and Sanddrif, please contact CapeNature for these.
– NO group, pensioner, tour guide or student discounts.
– Prices are subject to change.

MALTESE CROSS (CapeNature property)

In the direction of Algeria, approximately 850 m from the farm Dwarsrivier, a turn-off to the left is signposted as leading to the Maltese Cross.  A 6 km drive (permit required) leads to a parking area.  This is the starting point of the walk. Follow the footpath and the cairns leading to the Maltese Cross.

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Duration: 3 hours
Permits: Obtainable from our office
Cost: R60 per adult; R35 per child (2-13 years)


On the road towards Ceres, 8 km from Dwarsrivier, a Nature Conservation sign will indicate the Stadsaal Caves.  Take the turn-off, enter through the gate and drive in to see Stadsaal, a series of open caves and San paintings dating from the time when elephants freely roamed the area. This is one of two areas that can be reached within five minutes.

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Duration: Depending on the tourist, a few minutes or a whole day can be spent in the area exploring the caves and rock formations.
Permits: Obtainable from all the tourist offices in the area.  A permit and the lock combination for the gate at the entrance to the caves will be issued.
Cost: R40 per adult; R20 per child (2-13 years)


About 1,6 km from Dwarsrivier towards Algeria you will find a parking area and a sign for Lot’s Wife.  From there you start a gentle walk to where the beautiful Window Rocks can be seen. Just remember, the trail is shared with mountain bikers, so watch out for them! This is one of two areas that can be reached within five minutes.

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Duration: 1–1½ hours
Cost: No charge

WOLFBERG CRACKS & ARCH (Private property)

Approximately 1,2 km from Sanddrif, at the foot of the Wolfberg, there is a parking area under the oak trees.  This is the start of the walk.  The path leading to the Cracks is clearly visible.  Three Cracks can be viewed, of which the first two are easily recognisable.  The hike to the third crack is for the more adventurous tourist.  A map indicating the route is available from the office at Dwarsrivier. At the top of the mountain, a path leads the way to the Arch.  It’s easy to follow with cairns indicating where the path is not clear.  Although there is an alternative route via the Riff, the same route is recommended on returning from the Arch. The office staff will explain the route in detail.

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Cracks: 3-4 hours (return)
Cracks & Arch: 8 hours (return)
Permits: Obtainable from our office
Cost: Cracks: R50 per adult;
R30 per scholar
Cracks & Arch: R100 per adult;
R60 per child (2-13 years)


9 Bolted routes. Graded 19-24.

Permits: Obtainable from our office
Cost: R40-00 per adult
R25-00 per scholar


A huge swimming hole, approximately 50 m long and 30 m wide, with 8 m and 11 m high cliffs – definitely only for those crazy enough to jump! Also known by some as the ‘Seekoeigat’ or Hippo Pool.

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Duration: 35 minutes in a downstream direction from Sanddrif resort
Permits: For day visitors, obtainable from our office
Note: Long weekends and school holidays:  NO DAY VISITORS.
Cost: R40 per adult; R25 per scholar


There are FOUR marked trails starting from Sanddrif Campsite. The trails were initially developed for mountain bikers but trail runners and hikers will also enjoy the variety on offer.

Riders can do all these trails in any combination to achieve the desired distance/ time on bike.


7 km (orange markers)
Obtainable from our office
R40 per adult; R25 per scholar
Get your map from our office.Wolfberg trail is the original trail starting at the campsite climbing through the Valley of the Red Gods past the Cracks Parking all on Jeep track. A single track will lead riders (runners and hikers) down to the river and back to the camp site. Riders should look out for rocky obstacles.


21 km (green markers)
Obtainable from our office
R40 per adult; R25 per scholar
Get your map from our office.The remaining 3 trails continue past the Wolfberg Single track on a gentle Jeep Track climb till the Waterfall single track on the riders left – a trail with spectacular views. There are some technical sections as well as compulsory portage sections – all marked.After the Waterfall single track the marked trail will turn right following the river, riders have the option to short cut back to the campsite (see yellow link road on map obtained at office).Following a short ride on a Jeep Track the trail follows yet another single track towards Kliphuis Campsite. The trail leads to a river crossing and then follows the old water cannel towards Kliphuis Campsite.From the Campsite the riders head back to Sanddrif via the district road.


27 km (blue markers)
Obtainable from our office
R40 per adult; R25 per scholar
Get your map from our office.From Kliphuis Campsite the remaining 2 trails follow a new single track towards Kalkoenfontein. After the road crossing the trail follows a jeep track back in the direction of Dwarsrivier via natural vegetation and old tea lands. Riders who choose the Lot’s wife option will turn left following Blue markers. Lot’s Wife trail is also 1 of the original trails in the area and is very ride able in the new direction. There are 2 fairly technical downhill sections.After the Lot’s Wife trail riders will follow the district road back to Sanddrif with a short cut option through the vineyards.


30 km (red markers)
Obtainable from our office
R40 per adult; R25 per scholar
Get your map from our office.Riders will head towards Maltese Cross Parking lot via Jeep Track and a technical (Rocky) single track. The road back to the Observatory is fast and flowing. From the Observatory riders will link up with the other routes back to Sanddrif.


7 km (black markers)
Obtainable from our office
R40 per adult; R25 per scholar
Get your map from our office. The BLACK trail, an additional trail marked on the BLUE and the RED route, will take riders across the river and all the way along the foot of Sneeuberg Mountain back to the Maltese Cross parking area. This 7 km trail includes fairly technical climbs and descents and is fairly challenging. This route is marked with BLACK arrows.



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